A little bit of Rio (+20) here I come

18 Jun

Everywhere in Rio seems to be getting in on the action of Rio+20. Here’s just a taster….

You feel that a bit of exercise to some crazy disco beats is going to get you in the mood to take action for sustainability come to the massive, weirdly empty arena at Copacabana beach…

Exercise for Rio+20!

Exercise for Rio+20!

Want to be a tourist and ride the train to the top of Corcovado mountain for a spectacular view, no problem, your helping create a better world….

Ride the tram for Rio+20

Ride the tram for Rio+20

Even Christ the Redeemer has turned green in the name of sustainability…

Christ the Redeemer turns green

And then there are the fantastic costumes and dancing to be found across the People’s Summit. My particular favourite and the women in something like shaggy cow costumes with enormous paper breasts. I think they were a group campaigning for women’s rights in Brazil.

Any costume goes

Any costume goes

I apologise if some of the above sounds too skeptical. However, the cariocas (people from Rio) definitely seem to be embracing Rio+20. There’s an exhibition at the fort on Copacobana beach about humanity including video and art installations, interactive activities, exhibitions on biodiversity, workshops and examples of sustainability in action. The focus like much of Rio+20 seems to be on how to combine economic growth with beneficial social impacts and respect for the environment. This event has been hugely popular completely exceeding the organisers expectations – 45,000 people visited it on Saturday and when we tried to go yesterday there was a two hour queue stretching about 500 metres down the road. We’re hoping to see inside later on in the week. As a worker at a public organisation I will get a special Rio holiday from Wednesday – Friday! The main aim is to reduce traffic on the road when all the Ministers arrive for the main UN Conference…we’ll see how well it works, but I’m happy that I’m free to spend time at the various events.

The queue for Humanity 2012

the queue continues


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