A magical day in Rio

5 Aug

After a couple of months of living here I am beginning to take for granted the verdant beauty and natural grandeur of Rio, but there are some days that are so magical that you have to hold your breath and wonder whether this place is really real. Today was one such day. We haven’t really ‘done’ any of the main tourist sites here, so that we can enjoy them fresh when friends and family visit us, but today we decided to climb to the first peak of sugarloaf mountain, the smaller hump beneath the tall obelisk that is one of the landmarks of Rio. After 20 minutes walking from the bustle of our street we came to the small ‘red beach’ which has a breathtaking view of the rainforest covered islands across the bay. Within a few minutes of leaving the beach we had left the sunbathers behind and were clambering up through the forest with the sound of crickets and birds surrounding us, whilst our friends told us to avoid too many extravagant gestures in case we caught our hands in poisonous spiders webs! After half an hour we had reached the top and the amazing views of Rio and the bay spread below us. Which other city in the world can you have within 20 minutes walk of your house the beach, the rainforest and spectacular views. Amazing.

The sheer cliff of Morra do Urca above us. Perfect for rock climbing

View from Morra Do Urca

View from the top of Morra do Urca towards the Statue of Christ and Botafogo beach











View from the top of Morra do Urca

View from the top of Morra do Urca towards the top of Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara bay

Praia Vermelha at sunset

The view from Praia Vermelha (‘Red Beach’) below Sugarloaf Mountain at sunset





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