A few miscellaneous observations

18 Aug

Outside a church during the Festival de Junina (Harvest festival) a priest sprinkles holy water on cars and their passengers.

A police car drives past, with a cop nonchalantly resting the end of a rifle at the open window.

Women stride past headed in their gym-going outfit, a tight fitted vest top, multi-coloured leggings and knee-high white woolly socks.

Walking down the street smells of deep-fried doughnuts, buttered popcorn and meat sizzling on a BBQ waft through your nostrils.

Music is everywhere, walking along Copacobana beach late at night a couple of families are sitting in a circle on the sand singing along to the guitar, further along at a beachside kiosk a small Forro band is starting to play with a catchy lively beat from the triangle, accordian and jump, as people start to move their hips and dance. Walking past bars a lone man plays songs on his guitar that everyone seems to know the words to.

Walking in Leblon during the day woman walk past in sterotypical maids outfits, the full deal, black dresses, white lacy aprons and little white caps.

In Zone Norte, coloured paper kites flicker in the wind against the backdrop of red-brick unfinished houses, blue water holders and the mountains beyond.

Strolling along Ipanema beach on a sunny Sunday, everyone seems to be out along the closed front road showing off their tanned bodies in tiny sunga or thong bikinis. Showing off a little ass cheek is de rigeur. People skate, rollar blade and walk exhibiting the perfectly toned body they’ve perfected at the multitude of gyms.





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