Green fingers and a house of worms in the tropics

12 Nov

I’m so excited about growing plants again…we now have a little herb garden! I’ve been completely confused by the seasons, here in winter it is as hot as the UK’s summer and all of the knowledge I had about when and how to plant seemed redundant in this climate. The back of a seed packet came to the rescue showing that I could sow the seeds at any time of the year. Any time! The sowing, growing and harvesting of crops feels so entwined with the passage of the year that it feels alien to be able to plant seeds that will peek up their heads now, in November. How is it possible to know where you are without the regular rhythm of rebirth, growth, abundance and barrenness? Here in Brazil there is a cycle of everlasting abundance punctuated by bright flashes of colour as different plants flower and fade.

I have also been able to use the fresh compost created by our very own casa da minha (house of worms) who have been feasting for the past couple of months on our piles of organic waste. I’m so glad we haven’t been throwing it away, it always feels like a terrible crime to waste such nutrients to decay in a landfill belching methane-rich gases.

So I hope my little seeds and plants will grow fast and strong, fed by the warmth, sunshine and delicious nutrients. Thank you worms and beautiful earth. I’ll enjoy the abundance of Brazil whilst I can.

Little herb garden

Little herb garden

My seedlings

My seedlings

Casa da minha - house of the worms!

Casa da minha – house of the worms!

Delicious compost

Delicious compost


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