Christmas is coming…

15 Dec

Today I have totally embraced Christmas. Despite the weather I am determined to bring some of the customs and traditions that make it so special. So today the house has been wafting in the smells of Christmas and been adorned with treasures. I’m already beginning to feel a warm glow and excitement…though the men around me aren’t helping!

I made mincemeat. I’ve never actually made it before, just helped to stir my mum’s delicious version. Lacking both suet and brandy it was a slight variation on the traditional mincemeat combining a various recipes. I just kind of threw everything together, some dried raisins, sultanas and candied peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and lemon, grated apple, muscovado sugar and a liberal helping of whiskey. Luckily we did have some appropriate alcohol, non-boozy mincemeat just wouldn’t be right. And ahh the smell…. it’s my memory of the start of Christmas, the spices, fruits and juices mingling into a heavenly scent. I have to say it also already tastes pretty good! But we’ll wait for the taste test at the end of the week when I’ll be making mincepies for various Christmas parties. We’ll see what the Brazilians make of it. So far British food has got a thumbs up…lemon posset, shortbread and scones have all been a hit!

I’ve also been decorating the house. We didn’t want to buy anything because we probably won’t be here again next year but it’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of crepe paper, some wire, a few branches from the garden and a bit of ribbon. I borrowed a few ideas of the internet for the wire and watercolour angels but I’m so pleased with the result! Now we just need to plan something special for Christmas Day! But I’m looking forward to carols by candlelight tomorrow night.



Our cute christmas wreath

Our cute christmas wreath

Our gorgeous little christmas tree

Our gorgeous little christmas tree






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