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The people march

21 Jun Greenpeace calling for a green and fairer world

Wow! Today was the global mobilisation connected to Rio+20 and I joined the march in the centre of Rio. The march was deafening, the sound of whistles and singing is still ringing in my ears, with trucks passing through the crowds with enormous loudspeakers getting the crowds chanting and singing songs that everybody seemed to know. There was a great atmosphere. As would be expected in the home of samba there were lots of bands and people dancing. Lots of imaginative protest on display as well with large trade union groups (the universities are currently on strike), environmental groups from across the world and peasant and indigenous rights groups. There was a huge diversity of civil society from Brazil present and a surprisingly low police presence. They didn’t really seem to know what was going on with traffic chaos caused when the march was too long for one of the main streets and end up blocking a square that I don’t think it was supposed to – the police just stood around looking on. Whether the leaders that assembled at the main conference took any notice I don’t know – the office staff definitely knew we were there. Check the photos out below.